About SENC

The Spanish Society of Neuroscience (SENC) brings together scientists working in the field of neuroscience in Spain.

The Biennial Congresses of the Society are one of the most important activities organized by SENC. These Congresses are one of the greater meetings of neuroscientists, not only at a national level, but within the Latin American context. Our next congress will be held in September 2017. The Board Members of the society are already working in its organization.

Since 2011, the scientific responsibility of SENC congresses depends of the Program Committee but its organization is in charge of the Board Members. The target of these initiatives is to provide the Congress of identity and continuity, so that the experience obtained will be learned and we can focus on the scientific and strategic objectives of our Society.

SENC. Sociedad Esapñola de Neurociencia

Past Congresses of SENC

SENC 2011  SENC 2013  senc 2015

2015 Granada, 23-25 September
2013 Oviedo, 25-27 September
2011 Salamanca, 28-30 September
2009 Tarragona, 16-19 September
2007 Valencia, 5-9 September