Call for Symposia

Deadline for symposia submission: 30th November 2016.

Proposers will be informed about the decision of the Program Committee by the end of January 2017.

The Spanish Society for Neuroscience (SENC) Meeting is the premier event for neuroscientists to present emerging science. We aim to establish a high-quality, well-balanced scientific program. Symposia play a major role in shaping the scientific direction of the Society’s meeting by focusing on timely, relevant research across the field. The Scientific Program Committee invites you to contribute by submitting a proposal for a symposium in any of the fields of Neuroscience. The following guidelines have been established to clarify the procedures for symposium proposals.

Submit a Proposal



To submit your Symposia: download and complete the submission template. Template will be required for all submissions during the submission online process.

Guidelines for symposia submission

Your symposium proposal should include:
  • The symposium title.
  • The SENC scientific topic in which your proposal fits best (see click here).
  • Names of the proposed chair (perhaps yourself) who has agreed to be responsible for the event, and four speakers
  • Brief description of the relevance and timeliness of the topic, including the issues to be discussed by each speaker. Cite one recent publication for each speaker.
  • Acceptance of participation from the proposed speakers should have been obtained.
  • Briefly describe the funding available for the symposium or whether the speakers are willing to cover their own expenses
  • Complete the abstract template for symposia proposal and  submit online.
  • English is the official language of the meeting and, consequently, all the lectures in the symposia must be in English.
Selection criteria
  • Simposia will be evaluated based on the scientific quality, future impact, and recent scientific breakthroughs and/or highlights.
  • The selection will take into account the global structure of the scientific program of the meeting and a balanced distribution of the topics to be covered.
  • Unless recent and exciting developments have occurred within the past two years, topics covered on the program of the last SENC meeting will be less favorably considered.
  • Symposia should have an equilibrated distribution of speakers in terms of gender and seniority. The participation of international speakers is strongly advised.
Benefits for symposium participants include complimentary registration. Funds will be available to cover at least a portion of the expenses for symposia upon request and Program Committee approval. However, SENC cannot guarantee to meet the whole expenses of speakers, except registration fees.

Remember that

  • The deadline for submission is November 30th.
  • The organizer of a symposium should be a SENC member. Non-members can submit proposals, but in order to be fully accepted, the organizer should become member of the society with due fees fully paid.
  • The speakers of a symposium do not need to be SENC members.
  • Each SENC member can participate in only one symposium proposal, either as speaker and/or as chair. If a speaker has been proposed for more than one accepted symposia, the speaker should select only one for his/her participation. The organizer of the other symposium should provide an alternative speaker to cover the topic.
  • The proposal should not include speakers who have participated as such in lectures or symposia in the SENC 2015 meeting (a complete list of the speakers in the SENC 2015 meeting can be found here:
  • Members of the board of directors or the Program Committee cannot be speakers at a Symposium.
  • The chair will be responsible for entering the submission requirements for the entire session and for making sure that all speakers have indicated their needs on logistic and programming information (i.e., audiovisual support, forms submitted) to SENC. The chair has the option of listing a co-chair, if desired.


The SENC secretariat will confirm receipt of your submission by e-mail. If you have not received a confirmation within 2 days of submitting your proposal, please notify the secretariat at + 34 91 3612600 Ext. 225 or

You will be informed about the decision of the Program Committee by the end of January 2017.